Sleep apnea cure: cure is the cause

Sleep apnea cure: cure is the cause

To find the best in sleep apnea remedies, it is necessary to determine what causes sleep apnea. Finding the cause of a problem is always an important first step to finding the solution. This article will give an overview of the condition, its types, symptoms and treatments.

Basically, sleep apnea is a state where a person stops breathing or has abnormal superficial breathing during sleep. Shallow breathing or breathing breathing occurs between five and thirty times per hour, up to hundreds of times a night. These episodes can last from one minute or longer. During this abnormal breathing, oxygen levels drop in the blood to dangerous levels. The drop in blood oxygen levels causes the brain to send a signal to the body to wake and breathe. And the person is completely unaware that this happens.

More than twelve million Americans are affected by this sleep disturbance. And many more remain undiagnosed. It is estimated that nine percent women and 24 percent of men have this disease but have not yet been diagnosed. This is because this is a condition that is not detected during a routine medical examination or by a blood sample. Usually it is understood by a family member who notice some of the symptoms such as high snoring, a sudden stop in the breath for a minute or more followed by gasping for air or restless flailing during sleep.

Other sleep apnea symptoms that may indicate a problem are:

excessive daytime sleepiness


big throat

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